Completion. I am a Sex, Love, Relationship Coach with The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.

As part of the process to earn this certificate I have been diving deep into myself, my sexuality, sensuality and my core beliefs around who I am. What my sexual story is, was and what I want it to be. I have been uncovering layer upon layer of social conditioning around sex and pleasure that have been blocking me from my full sexual expression. To teach, I must first embody.

While obtaining my Masters In Medical Qigong, I did a lot of personal work healing trauma. Exploring my sexuality has allowed me deeper awareness of trauma still living in my body. I started having sex way to young, I chose to, as I was curious and it seemed like the thing to do, everyone else was………yet I wasn’t empowered in my body or my voice, so my first sexual experience was traumatic and continued to be as we didn’t know any better. This year I realized that I left my body when I first had sex at 14 and then when I was raped at 16, I left my body again. Leaving the body is a safety mechanism.

This year I became aware that when I thought I was connecting and present while having sex I was actually witnessing……..separate out of my body………Being an active person I thought I was present within my body however sexually I very much was not present. The part of me that dissociated during my first sexual experiences to keep me safe kept me from being present, continued to keep me safe through dissociation until this year, when I was able to move through those past experiences with love, unwind the trauma and welcome myself home, knowing I am now safe to feel.

After witnessing myself having sex my entire life, I am now learning how to feel safe in my body, to open sexually with another, to experience sexual pleasure in my body, to feel my pussy without automatically spiritually bypassing or feeling nothing at all. I disconnected from her, not knowing how to feel safe. I pushed her away trying to find safety. With love, joy and awareness I welcome myself home. Which is absolutely fucking amazing!!!!

I’ve also transformed shame around sex I’ve carried for my entire life! Normalizing sex to release shame. Remembering normalizing is not invalidating. Normalizing allows me to honour and love myself and my experiences even more.

I am now offering Sexual and Sensual Empowerment Coaching. I am excited to offer coaching where you will feel safe to open and explore your beliefs around sex, sexuality, sensuality, desire, pleasure and anything else you may wish to inquire into. I have a beautiful golden toolbox filled with tried and tested tools to explore your desires around sex, sexuality, sensuality and relationships.

If you’re interested or know anyone that is you can reach me at to book an exploratory call to see if we are a fit!

Love, love and more love


Completion. I am Sex, Love and Relationship Coach.