Vulnerability is something I’ve always longed for and been terrified of. I could see it. Yet I had no idea of how to feel it or be it. I tried to try it on for years and often felt hurt in the end.

Being vulnerable isn’t blindly letting go. Being vulnerable is opening into a safe sacred space within yourself where you are fully empowered.

There was a belief inside saying being vulnerable is surrendering fully, which I heard as I have to give away all my power (its actually claiming my power fully), so I tried on being vulnerable giving away my power, surrendering to another’s desires and choices thinking this was vulnerability and yes it was, yet it wasn’t the vulnerability I have been longing for. This was disempowered vulnerability. I was longing for empowered vulnerability. The vulnerability that comes from fully owning my power, fully loving myself in each moment, knowing my truth and expressing my truth. Empowered vulnerability is true empowerment, which often manifests as feeling open, blissful and joyous.

Learning something new takes work, openness and curiosity. Especially when learning to embrace new ways of being in the world. It is challenging and the reward is 100% worth it!!!!!

Being vulnerable isn’t giving up your needs its being fully embodied in your needs!

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