As I wake, I listen to my body, tuning in, I breathe and follow my pleasure. Listening, I open into what do I need right now in this moment.

At times I’ve found this scary. Fear, if I let myself feel, I will fall apart. Fear if I feel and express pleasure I will be judged. I now know this is a very valid fear and a very common fear. All fear is valid. I do need walls and boundaries to keep me safe. The key is to use them as a tool to put up and take down as needed. With self awareness, love and compassion exploring myself becoming familiar with why I have the walls and boundaries that are present. I’ve become friends with them, understanding them in a loving supportive way I have seen many of them are no longer needed. While others are wrapping me in a beautiful blanket of safety. I listen to my heart and truth. I don’t let anyone strip me of my blankets before I am ready to remove them. They are here for a reason. When I am ready they simply fall away. This is my personal experience, to push is violent.

There is enough violence in this world without me inflicting violence on myself.

With gentleness I follow my pleasure, celebrating however much pleasure I allow myself to feel in each moment. Pleasure is a choice, every sensation is a choice, Each moment perfect as it is.