Sex Magic and Cacao Ritual

Gently softly with love I spread my sarong over the mattress. One of the many arranged in a circle, with a beautiful altar in the middle.

I remove my clothes and slowly walk to the coconut oil in the center of the room, spooning its liquid into my hands. I bring my hands to my breasts and my heart, I worship this body of mine. I pause, I breathe, I love and continue spreading the oil down my chest to my pussy and pause. One hand on heart one hand on pussy. I breathe, I feel. I connect into me. As we now move into sex magic how do I want to be touched? What to I need in this moment?

I need soft, meditative, connected touch. As we move into self pleasure, breathing into and up the chackras, I begin caressing myself lightly with my finger tips. I feel into my body connecting into my cervix, I breath into her, opening in pleasure, bringing in energy, light and love, bringing in energy from the earth into my feet, up my legs, into my cervix. Rooting into earth I root into my body. I feel my sisters all around me, mother earth holds me, I hold me, My sisters hold me as I hold them and hold mother earth. Together we breathe for mother earth. We self pleasure for mother earth. Building pleasure we bring the energy up our chakras one by one, filling each, continuing self pleasure we send the pleasure out, opening fully to the magic of the moment, sending out our desires we want to manifest, seeing, tasting, hearing, smelling, feeling our desire manifested, we now bring the energy down. I continue to breathe in energy from the earth and center back into my body. I feel love, love for sisters, love for me, love for all.