Be The Wild.

What is it to be wild? Wild. Woah!!! It can be a daunting word for sure. Maybe it creates pressure To be something big, to be a certain way and be out of control. Then I have to be this way or this way. What if it doesn’t have to be any of that? What if being wild is listening within and expressing your truth as whatever is present. Wild can also be soft and tender. Wild is pure power without a specific form. Wild is our authentic self in all its incredible forms. The raw truth of who you are.

I invite you to be wild with me today, to stand feet on the earth, breathe into your body connect into the life force energy that lives within and express your day from that place. What does your day look like to express from your Raw authentic self, your Wild self?

Yesterday it looked like me expressing my truth as it felt in the moment, crying, then mountain biking laughing and crying with one of my closest friends as is it’s so powerful and wild to be raw and vulnerable with friends. Not to mention exhilarating to ride down steep rock bluffs!!!