Why Sex?
I disconnected when having sex for most of my life. I longed for depth and connection. Yet I felt broken, Fucked up, shame, such deep shame. I was told I was fucked up, more shame, still longing, my soul knowing there is more. I finally picked up the right book, at the right time, when I could receive. I begin making love to myself, making love to God/the divine. I realized I didn’t want to have sex unless it was with love and honour, listening and feeling with presence.

It wasn’t until I was with a partner that felt me leave during se

x that I realized I was leaving. I thought I was embodied yet I wasn’t. It was such an incredible gift to have a lover feel me leave, to bring me awareness that I was leaving so I could then do the work to feel safe, to stay present in my body where I desired to be. With his help and me choosing to do the work, I was able to come home to me to be present in my body, to truly feel pleasure and stop spiritually bypassing.
Men, Being present with your lover, learning to feel her is truly one of the greatest gifts you can give her.
Sexual Empowerment

Find Your Authentic Sexuality And Freedom To Be You