Embody Your Sensuality

Transform Your Sex Life 

Learn powerful transformational tools to thrive in your full sexual expression and connect to ecstatic bliss within your body.

Every coaching session is unique and transformational.




My Commitment To You

I offer sacred space for you to connect to your heart and truth where you may explore any limiting beliefs that may hold you back from your full potential. Be held and heard with unconditional love. I hold space for you to explore your shadows without judgment. You are safe to share all of you, to release what no longer serves you, so you may live and know infinite pleasure. Explore anything and everything you’ve wanted to talk about yet haven’t for fear of judgment

Transform guilt and shame around your sexuality, deepen your connection to yourself and to others. Discover your unique sexual expression. Learn to delight in your sensuality.

Embrace, love and celebrate all of you.



Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching creates a thriving sexual ecology.


The foundation for thriving in any area of your life is created on love, safety and belonging. Any suffering or stuckness always boils down to a lack of – or a perceived lack of – love, safety or belonging.

A huge part of being able to thrive, sexually, in relationships, internally, and in life, is about creating an inner relationship with the core parts of you – your original essence, your impulses, your desires and core behaviours. All of you is met with love, safety and belonging.

If you sexually expressed yourself as a child and your parent reacted with punishing you, or even turning away, you may have learned that it is not safe to be sexually curious and explore your body. Later in life, this may result in feeling stuck 0r frozen around your sexuality, preventing you from evolving.

Another example is slut-shaming, which strongly signals that you are being rejected by your tribe because of your sexual behavior and expression, and ultimately who you are.

We tend to carry all of these messages with us our entire lives and when we want to express a side of our sexual, relational or original essence self, it collides with not feeling safe, loved or belonging. In order to remove this deep imprinting, we need to peel off the layers, recognise the imprinting and re-imprint with a sense of safety, love and belonging.

It’s possible to change the imprinting from these experiences with a skilled practitioner so you may truly Thrive as a Passionate Whole Sexual Being.


Sexual Embodiment

10 Coaching Sessions

Every coaching session is unique and transformational. Creating change takes time and commitment. It is possible to happen overnight, yet more often takes making conscious choices repeatedly, reprogramming your neural pathways, so you thrive as the sensual powerful person you are.

Doing one on one coaching exploring your desires and transforming your beliefs, combined with meditations, breath work and self practice creates lasting change, so you thrive as the sensual powerful person you want to be. I offer 10 sessions combined with meditations and self pleasure practices to do daily. Weekly or bi-weekly sessions support your deeply integrated transformation and nurturing, supporting your nervous system as you choose sensual empowerment.

If you find it challenging to make time for yourself this is the perfect opportunity for you, with ongoing sessions to support you, to show up for you, creating a container for your deepest transformation.


What You Will Receive

  • Breathwork to clear blockages keeping you from experiencing your full range of aliveness. This practice deeply affects the limbic and primal brain to effect powerful and lasting change.

  • Taoist and tantric  techniques for awakening energy, channeling energy into places it’s most needed, and creating flow.

  • Sexual self care practices to nourish and love yourself and to open you to your full pleasure and power potential. These practices also work the primal and limbic brains to ensure deep shifts and lasting results.

  • Somatic tools to get you in your body, experiencing the felt sense, helping to integrate traumatic experiences, stress, etc. These powerful practices are aimed at creating safety, love and belonging in your body on a felt level.

  • Psychological exploration to uncover the lost, false and shadow aspects of your psyche that have blocked full expression of the TRUE you, your essence. This includes work with inner child, family of origin dynamics, masculine/feminine archetypes, soul retrieval and more.

  • Intuition to guide the process and explore what blocks are keeping you from what you most desire. This also includes tapping into your own wisdom.

  • Loving space is held to allow you a safe container to explore your depths. This is a powerful forcefield in itself to allow massive transformation.


How We Work Together

1. Contact me to book a Discovery call

2. We will explore your desires and questions and see if we are a good fit together.

3. I create a customized plan for you and we dive in.



Testimonial:  A deep thank you to Aumsong for the beautiful space she held for me during our healing session together. She guided the session beautifully. We started by talking about what had been going on for me over the last little bit. She followed what was arising with great questions. Eventually I hit a point where things began feeling very intense with lots of energy moving, intense feelings coming up and a lot of resistance. She then guided the session into breathwork which worked wonders for releasing this energy. The session and the energy that had been brought up was extremely vulnerable and she held it all in such love and deep caring support. She consistently checked in on me to see what I needed and when things got stuck would continue to prompt and guide to help things move. Things never felt forced or pushed, instead very gentle and supported. Such a beautiful session.  Thank you Aum, Love you! Patty

Be held and guided on a journey to Awaken Your Authentic Sexuality. Learn to delight in your sensuality.