Awaken your Ecstatic Orgasmic Body. Deepen Intimacy.

Sexual healing 

Ignite sexual passion

Learn new sexual skills 

Deepen your intimacy 

Heal and transform fear and guilt around sex

Deepen communication

Breathe and Circulate energy together

Accept and celebrate all of you and your partner while making love

Experience sexual ecstasy with self and partner

Explore your dynamic sexual nature


What Does a Session look like?

Sessions can be done online or in person.

Tantra for couples. You will learn breathing exercises, eye gazing,  practices to connect into the energy within your body and your lovers body, and practices to deepen safety and communication.

In these sessions you will experience different practices that nourish intimacy and sexuality, with clothes on or off depending on the exercise. The convenience of being online is you have the choice to turn your screen off for privacy in practices that involve nudity such as penis or pussy massage.

If at anytime a practice doesn’t feel comfortable we can change it to work for you. My focus will be to make sure you feel safe and empowered throughout the session.

After closing the session you can make love or connect deeply and share your experiences with each other in the comfort and privacy of your own space.

These practices are a powerful way to move through any blockages/stagnation in your relationship and sexuality.

Tantra(merging of masculine and feminine) is simply another tool for learning to be in this world. To take radical responsibility for ourselves, to be our best for our selves and each other. Accept yourself entirely – body, mind and spirit. Thrive as the sensual being you are.


Coaching Packages

Intimacy Accelerator

6 session package, that activates intimacy with yourself and your partner.

What You Will Receive

  • Breathwork to clear blockages keeping you from experiencing your full range of aliveness. This practice deeply affects the limbic and primal brain to effect powerful and lasting change.

  • Taoist and tantric  techniques for awakening energy, channeling energy into places it’s most needed, and creating flow.

  • Sexual self care practices to nourish and love yourself and to open to your full pleasure and power potential. These practices also work the primal and limbic brains to ensure deep shifts and lasting results.

  • Somatic tools to get you in your body, experiencing the felt sense, helping to integrate traumatic experiences, stress, etc. These powerful practices are aimed at creating safety, love and belonging in your body on a felt level.

  • Psychological exploration to uncover lost, false and shadow aspects of your psyche that have blocked full expression of the TRUE you, your essence. This includes work with inner child, family of origin dynamics, masculine/feminine archetypes, soul retrieval and more.

  • Intuition to guide the process and explore what blocks are keeping you from what you most desire. This also includes tapping you into your own wisdom.

  • Loving space is held to allow you a safe container to explore your depths. This is powerful forcefield in itself to allow massive transformation.

My Commitment To You

I offer sacred space for you to connect to your heart and truth where you may explore any limiting beliefs that may hold you back from your full potential. Be held and heard with unconditional love. I hold space for you to explore your shadows without judgment. You are safe to share all of you, to release what no longer serves you, so you may live and know infinite pleasure. Explore anything and everything you’ve wanted to talk about yet haven’t for fear of judgment

Transform guilt and shame around your sexuality, deepen your connection to yourself and to others. Discover your unique sexual expression. Learn to delight in your sensuality.

Embrace, love and celebrate all of you.