Tools For Being A Man In This Modern World: Communicate Your Love and Create The Relationship You Desire (starting with yourself)

Be the confident man you want to be in this modern world.

Create safe space to explore desires, fantasies and personal truths.

Heal old wounds creating obstacles in your life.

Create a relationship that supports you to both thrive.

Create space for her to be her full sexual expression.

Feel safe to be your full sexual expression.

Become friends with anger and frustration.

Discover your multiorgasmic potential.

Forgive yourself for the man you were, embracing and celebrating the man you are now.

Unlock your full sexual expression even if you thought you already had.


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“Life gives us exactly what we expect from it no more no less.



Aumsong helps men to reclaim their confidence & masculine power in their sexuality & in life!  

Right now we are navigating a new world, awareness is shifting, the divine feminine is waking and rising. As we find our equilibrium, there is a need for redefining true masculinity and what it means to be a man.

Men have been looking for role models and tools for connecting to their authentic nature: sexually, emotionally, and generally. And unlike women, men have had very few spaces created for them to share their innermost selves safely without being judged or ridiculed.

With a Masters in Medical Qigong I have a strong foundation in the energetic blockages that create disconnection within self and feed disempowering stories. As a Sex and Intimacy Coach I am dedicated to holding sacred, nonjudgemental space where men can share anything and everything, nothing is taboo. Through my own sexual healing journey, and trustworthy relationship with the men in my life I have been led to my innate calling: helping men to connect back to their authentic selves, their freedom, consciousness and power through healing their relationship to sexuality, transforming societal constructs, and healing the wounds from childhood and intimate relationships, to know true safety within themself.  

My mission is to guide men in mastering the tools necessary for a deeper, more powerful, more intimate and more pleasurable relationship to oneself and to one’s lover. 

I am so grateful for all the amazing men in my life! Thank you for being you!