Awaken Your Authentic Sexuality

Embody Ecstatic Sex, Deepen Intimacy, Thrive.

Accept and love yourself

Know you are unique

Explore your sensual desires


Awaken Your Authentic Sensuality

My name is Aumsong (yes that is my given name)

I am here to empower you to awaken your true authentic sensual and sexual self. Drawing on multiple modalities, I teach you to delight in your body, to be empowered so you may express your authentic sexuality and deepen intimacy with yourself and others. I have been on a journey of self discovery for many years, yet still felt great shame around my sexuality. I felt strong and powerful yet then collapsed around sex. Desiring to feel pleasure and confidence sexually, I committed to transforming my sexuality to embrace pleasure, be vulnerable and release shame. It takes commitment, it can be a roller coaster however it’s an incredible journey that will bring you empowerment and full body pleasure.


Awaken Your Authentic Sensuality




“Thank you so much for all of your time and attention over the weeks we worked together!I really noticed how skilled you were at listening and hearing me and reflecting your understanding back in a useful way. Wowee.

I am in a different place from when we started. I feel more sexual desire now. I feel more interested in being exclusive and long term in my relationship. I am making an effort to live more based on the present than the past with my partner. “

Zoe Carter

“I want to use the energy of the moment to thank you deeply for that beautiful session. I got into a deep process of gratefulness after our session. I talked to my: yoni, womb, solar plexus, heart throat and my mind. I apologized, assured them of my love and trust and appreciation, and committed to listen and trust more deeply to their boundaries, to our needs and desires, to my boundaries… It really brought me to tears.

So thank you for your guidance into this. And into everything before! You have a special quality of presence and compassion. And I felt it all the time!”

Melanie Wenzel