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I grew up on the coast of British Columbia, with nature as my lover and my teacher. Nature, always present and there for me, where I felt safe and held. My love of nature infuses how I see the world and everything I do.

My passion is embodiment. Being present in our body with the beauty of who we are, loving each and every aspect of who we are. I create a sacred space to be, to feel and express all of who you are, a place free from attachment to one way being “better” than another way. 

With a Masters in Medical Qigong, I have a strong foundation in the energetic blockages that create disconnection within self and feed disempowering stories. As a Sex and Intimacy Coach I am dedicated to holding sacred, nonjudgemental space where people can share anything and everything, nothing is taboo. Qigong offers treasured wisdom in your journey to your true authentic self. 


It is with joy that I celebrate being here for you, with an incredible golden tool box full of tools for transformation, embodiment, pleasure, deep healing, orgasm, and exploration of all your desires, so you may truly live the life you wish to live.

Professional Certifications

Master of Medical Qigong, Sex, Love and Relationship Coach, Sacred Feminine Instructor


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